Monday, September 14, 2009

Glenn Beck's Saga Continues

So (yawn) Glenn Beck is wasting America's time, once again. Is he misleading? Probably. Some blogs are comparing him to Joseph McCarthy. That's not a compliment, regardless of what he thinks. It's a good thing that he's respectful of 9/11 by having his minions act on 9/12 instead.

Mr. Beck may be innocent, but that can't be proven definitively yet. He is still refusing to discuss the matter, without his lawyers suing for trademark infringement, but he sure likes to make others look guilty. Fark, in all its glory, seems to be the root cause of this unproven meme.

Obviously people accusing him of raping a murdering a girl in 1990 are satirizing him in the same way that he attacks others, but it's still absurd he hasn't just dismissed these accusations yet. It does seem like the same smear campaign he's engaged against others. And of course, he's fighting it.

Of course, rape and murder aren't funny, but Glenn Beck's career seems to be getting raped and murdered anyway. His number of advertisers is going down like a pederast in a boy's school.

He may burn for this. Especially if he's unable to just discuss it like a rational adult, which may be beyond his abilities. I almost have sorrow for him.

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