Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Google Earth Historical Imagery

So, I've recently become hooked on Google Earth's Historical Imagery. There's a lot of interesting things that can be found in it. The jet I posted before is one of them.

Another that I just noticed is Mt St Helens, north of Vancouver, WA. If you watch the northwest face of the mountain over the time span they allow (8/94 to 3/09) you can see the trees re-growing.

I never would have checked for that if not for the Swiss/Italian border issues coming up, but it inspired me to look in my own backyard.

There are other areas that are fun to watch too. Malls, for example just keep growing. South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa CA, Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga NY or the Galleria in Houston TX.

All have seen profound growth nearby, and the growth of they and the areas around them can be easily seen in Google Earth. For anyone who is a fan of Edge City it's an interesting thing to see.

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