Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For Poe's Law's sake

Has anyone noticed how Jerry Seinfeld's show was a warning about socialism?

For example: When George became stronger Elaine became a pushover parasite.  Kramer never seemed to have a job, but lived the high life with a very nice Manhattan apartment.  How could he have afforded this?  Was Kramer living on Section 8 Vouchers and collecting a type of SNAP benefits?  If it wasn't the drug or sex trade I have to wonder how an adult could make a living acting like Kramer did.

The warning signs were all there.  They had the episode where the car was literally torched for parking in a disabled spot.  They had the episode about the Puerto Rican Day Parade that cut them off from their own world.  George even managed to injure a Boy In a Bubble while attempting to help him.  It was like a blueprint for the future of the Obamacare plan.

Even the subtle background details included vague hints of future liberalism.  Jerry had a bike hanging in his apartment, and an Apple computer.  A man who is strict about the rules on his private property in his own business is mocked as being a Soup Nazi.  The entire "Not there there's anything wrong about that" "joke"?  The phrase "Cartwright, party of four" is a joke instead of taking PC just too far.

What was the world coming to in the 1990's, when this was acceptable as a "SitCom" for parents to watch with their children?

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