Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The circle of pro-life

Mitt Romney's campaign just keeps giving.  The whole fiasco with Todd Akin just becomes a little more amusing when you realize that Gov. Romney, who was trying to get Akin to withdraw from the race earlier today, was also supported by and had acting as a surrogate a Dr. Jack C. Willke back in his 2008 campaign.  From the linked LA Times article:

A physician and former president of the National Right to Life Committee, Willke was an “important surrogate” for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid. Willke is the oft-cited source of the theory that rape-related pregnancies are “rare.” The theory is sometimes used by antiabortion advocates to argue that abortion laws should not contain exceptions for pregnancies that result from rape or incest.

But wait, there's more!  The National Right to Life Committee?  That sounds familiar.  Oh, it's the same one that Paul Ryan has a perfect rating from in his years representing Wisconsin.  He's never voted against them.  Between that and the Ryan-Akin Anti-Abortion Bill, well, this is all coming full circle quite quickly.  Especially since the National Right to Life Committee just endorsed Gov. Romney April 12, 2012

Update: Kirk Cameron has now weighed in.

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