Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why is Norv Turner still coaching?

Why is Norv Turner still coaching?

Rivers.  Norv needs some help, and the word around the league is he's getting it if he likes it or not, but he just can't run a whole team.  He can't even notice Ryan Matthews is missing in a crucial overtime situation.  He can't manage a clock.  He needs help.

But, Rivers likes Norv.  And he's willing to tell the owners that.  And people who like the Chargers like Rivers, so it's our own damn fault we have Norv.  It's easy to hate Norv, but at the same time the Chargers had an awesome turnaround once they scraped up Jared Gaither from KC.  They stopped getting Rivers hit every play, and stopped losing.

Maybe Norv is better than he seems.  After all, people were calling for Tom Coughlin's head after the season, and he got his second ring.  Against Tommy and Billy, so he has that going for him.  Which is nice.

But Norv needs to get better with his own teams.  The Redskins, well, that's not the coach that made the mistakes in free agency and the draft.  The Raiders?  You want to blame Norv for Al Davis?  Unfortunately he's now painted himself into the succeed with AJ Smith category.  That's like surviving with five dingos and five cats for a year in some caves.  I'll bet on the Newts.

Norv has some rings from somewhere in Texas, but maybe he can help a team that matters get one.  Weirder things have happened, like Eli beating up Billy twice.  Or Jizzel marrying Tommy.

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