Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dave Hogan?

There are a lot of Dave Hogan's on the plant. It happens, I have a common Irish name. Shhh, it happens. I've even had accounts hacked over it. I was once sued over my name. 37 Dave's. Oh well.

At my last job I ran into a Dan Hogan who works for Galaxy Hotel Systems. I never actually met or talked to him, but with dhogan as an email address people thought I knew him well.


I do find this fascinating.

I also don't know the Dave Hogan who raises the dead, I'm not a 44 year old photographer (yet), I'm not CIO of the Nation Retail Federation, I'm not Dave Hogan Music, I'm not an airport guy (in that way), etc.

I'm just Dave Hogan.

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